Impact Coffee: Sarah Bellos

By Emily Waddell

IMG_1757.JPGSarah Bellos is changing the textile industry with natural plant based dyes. Sarah became aware of the harsh environmental impacts created by synthetic dyes and wanted to develop a sustainable alternative that could thrive in the growing fashion industry. To develop these dyes Sarah examined the entire supply chain, building relationships with farmers and working with chemists to develop a consistent indigo plant. Sarah founded Stony CreekColors to change the fashion industry and the world for good. Stony Creek Colors dyes improve profitability and the ecosystem for farmers while empowering designers and brands.

Brands such as J. Crew have become part of the sustainable trend by using Stony Creek Colors in their designs. Stony Creek Colors’ goal for the next four to five years is to help grow and source from nearly 20,000 acres of indigo in the Southeast, replacing 2.8% of the synthetic indigo dye globally. Stony Creek Colors has plans to continue their growth by expanding their color pallet to offer a variety of natural bio-based dyes. We are impressed by the innovative company Sarah has created and look forward to watching Stony Creek Colors grow and expand.

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